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Rockfarmer Properties

RockFarmer is a developer, owner, and operator of residential and commercial real estate in New York. The company has successfully executed major renovations, repositionings, and capital improvements across New York City’s diverse neighborhoods. The expertise of our team drives all our work, from initial underwriting and investment decisions, to the marketing and sale of individual units.

Since no two properties are alike, no two RockFarmer projects are precisely the same. Our creativity, flexibility, and diverse talents afford us the special ability to adapt and reposition a project uniquely in its market.

From raising capital and forming collaborative joint-venture agreements, to building up and building out a property, RockFarmer is the foundation investors count on to provide value, integrity, and excellence.


Halstead Development Marketing

Halstead Development Marketing is a leading real estate, sales and marketing firm dedicated to the craft of new development. The firm’s mission is to create superior residential development experiences unique to the market. HDM has driven billions in sales over the last decade, partnering with celebrated industry leaders to build some of the most unique offerings in the marketplace. With a foundation rooted in collaboration, every stage of the development process is approached with innovation, unparalleled market research and rigorous attention to detail. All properties receive comprehensive exposure through the unmatched Halstead global network.


DXA Studio

DXA studio is an award-winning design practice that provides a rare balance of expertly crafted design with technical proficiency. Believing in the power of architecture to positively influence the lives of all that engage it, DXA focuses on authenticity, sustainability and innovation in all their projects.

Established in 2011, DXA’s expertise spans the full spectrum of design services and project categories including multi-family and single family residential, commercial, institutional and hotel design. In-depth research and analysis happen prior to design, identifying opportunities to push boundaries and integrate technological advances in building materials, construction, and sustainable strategies. By capitalizing on these discoveries, the site, program and unique opportunities of each project, DXA produces creative solutions and distinctive design work that consistently outperforms expectations.


PS New York

PS New York is a creative agency specializing in brand identity, interactive design and print. They partner with their clients to identify what makes them unique and bring the vision to life through inventive, memorable solutions. Whether launching a new brand or re-defining an existing one, PS New York approaches a client’s business as they do their own, with dedication to the big picture and passion for the details.


Patrick Cullina Horticultural Design + Consulting

Patrick Cullina is an award-winning horticulturist, landscape designer, photographer, lecturer, and organizational consultant with more than twenty years of experience in the landscape field. He runs a design and consulting business based in Manhattan that is dedicated to the innovative and sensitive integration of plants and materials into a diverse range of compelling designs--drawing inspiration from the both the natural world and constructed environments alike.